Having spent many hours searching for a therapist, I was lucky enough to have found Mike. When I first met Mike I was instantly put at ease by his quiet and unassuming demeanor and, after only a few sessions, I knew Mike was amazing! Together we explored the roots of my anxiety and depression through dialogue that helped me challenge my symptom-causing presumptions.  Mike uses a mix of methods to help not only deal with symptoms but to understand where they were coming from. During our first meeting Mike said something to me that really highlights his style: “I won’t accept ‘I don’t know’ as an answer.” And he stuck by that! There were many times when we were grappling with a feeling or thought that I just couldn’t explain and instead of just moving on, we sat and slowly peeled apart the issue until I could explain it. This man literally changed my life and, if I hadn’t moved because of work, I would still be working with him!

Christopher T. 

Working with Mike has significantly improved my anxiety.  He has helped me learn to be more present in my daily life.  As a result I have a better sense-of-purpose, and an enthusiasm for any task at hand.  Mike helped me identify negative thought patterns that were limiting my well-being, and showed me how to address them in a productive way.  I’m now more confident in my decision making and I have a deeper compassion for those around me.  Overall, Mike has been a great resource for helping with self-discovery, personal growth, and clarity of vision for the future.  I can happily say that I am better off having met, and worked with Mike.  I hope to continue working with him so that I may have a trusted counselor for the future inevitable moments and decisions that will define me as a person.  With Mike’s help in aligning my purpose with my vision I can be sure that I will make the best possible decisions for myself.

Andrew P.

My experience with Michael Lynch has been nothing but positive! Mike taught me that your childhood is a very clear reflection of how you conduct yourself as an adult. His way of conducting therapy is real life based which helped me connect the dots on a deeper level. After working with him I am now able to control my anxiety and depression with the skills Mike has taught me. I am truly grateful to have been able to work with him and I highly recommend taking advantage of his knowledge.

Sheree H.

Working with Mike has been amazing.  Mike has given my fiance and I the skills to communicate better, which has helped us with our relationship and co-parenting a child with ADHD.  On a personal level Mike has also shown me the skills to deal with my PTSD, anxiety, and depression. One thing he's said to me was "you get angry because you're afraid of something."  So we would "peel the onion" to get to the root of the problem.  We love Mike and would recommend him to anyone.  

Sherri-Lynn C. & Kevin K.

NOTE: All testimonials were solicited from former clients so as to not impact or impede treatment.  They are presented here verbatim and un-edited in any way.

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