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Michael D. Lynch, LMFT


Michael Lynch, M.A. LMFT (1768) has been treating individuals, couples, families and groups for over a decade in both California and Massachusetts.  He holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles.  Beginning with the non-profit Center for Individual and Family Counseling in North Hollywood, and continuing through private practice internships in Encino and Beverly Hills he later moved to his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts to provide outreach therapy in clients’ homes through the agency South Bay Mental Health. In 2019 after overcoming the obstacles of getting licensed in Massachusetts due to being educated and trained in California he began working with Streff Associates in Stow, MA and opened his private practice, Men’s Center New England, in Burlington.

Michael is also the President of NEAFAST – the New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy.


How will I - a California educated and trained LMFT – be different and more effective for you?  Unlike many Massachusetts counselors based in the “medical model” I don’t treat symptoms, I treat systems. I’ll work with you and partners/spouses or members of your family, should you choose to include them, to identify not what’s “wrong with me?” but rather, “how did I get here?”  We’re all products of our childhood.  My role is to work with you to identify the faulty agreements that were forced upon you before you had a chance to defend yourself against them and come up with alternate viewpoints about yourself and the world and then enact these new agreements to create a new life.

Grounded in Existential Psychology but practicing an integrative approach, I utilize concepts and interventions from various modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Jungian dream analysis, photo-analysis, music therapy, bibliotherapy, Narrative therapy, Psycho-education, Mindfulness and Meditation, and Neurobiology.

A cornerstone of my approach is authenticity.  I became a therapist because I had good therapy myself and my vocation (from the Latin “voce” for “voice” or “calling”) is to pay that forward in a grounded, down-to-earth way.  I’ll never push you to try a technique I wouldn’t do myself and will often use personal, real-world, examples to demonstrate the concepts to move you forward.

I rely on my background and previous career as a writer in the entertainment industry to make complex psychological concepts easy to understand and integrate.  I consistently infuse therapy with creativity and even humor.  When we can laugh at our problems we know we are standing outside of them and thus have power over them. 

I work with all genders, identities and most ages (I choose not to work with young children – there are dedicated, skilled play and art therapists who would be better suited to that age group than I). But I have a particular passion for the therapeutically under-represented adult and adolescent male population that traditionally do not seek out treatment. I’d be honored to guide you in the discovery and creation of your true self.

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