Men's Process Group

Ongoing, open-ended process group for men 18+ on anxiety, depression, anger, and obsession or any other issue affecting family, couple and parenting relationships and communication. 8-week commitment to establish trust and cohesion required. Group will consist of a minimum of 5 and up to 8 participants. 

NEW START DATE of 1/7/23. Group will meet Saturdays from 3-5pm weekly, in person.  Cost per 2-hour group is $50 (to be paid in advance for the month.)

This is not a structured "class" with weekly agendas or certificates. The group sessions will focus on the work members need to do on themselves and issues they share. The goal is to "bring good men together and bring out the best in them."

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Location - 101 Cambridge St. Suite 365 Burlington MA 01803

Accessible to Merrimack Valley, North Shore and Boston via Rt 3, 95 and 93

Men's Center New England, Michael Lynch LMFT


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